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Rivermen Credit/Refund Options


We are giving our Season Tickets Holders options in the order that helps us best achieve our goals of
maintaining our Season and Ticket Corporate base for 2021-22 season. Katie Pogeman will contact season ticket holders individually to discuss these options further with you. We have a deadline for you to notify us of your decision by October 31, 2020. If we have not heard from you by that point, we will automatically forward your money towards the full purchase of your 2021-22 Season Tickets.

2021-22 Full Season Ticket Prices have NOT been set yet.

Moving your 2020-21 Season Ticket purchase forward to 2021-22 guarantees the same prices we set this season with no increases.

Guarantee the best prices now by crediting your account forward to be with us in 2021-22!


Rivermen Credit/Refund Options:


With this option, we will credit your entire balance forward to pay for your 2021-22 Season Tickets, guaranteeing no price increase and locking in your same seat and benefits for the 2021-22 season (This Option is the number #1 Option that helps our organization plan for the future). This amount will include any credits from the 2019-20 season and all payments made towards your 2020-21 season tickets. New Seating requests will open sometime in January (Exact date TBD).  



With this option you will receive a full refund (Check from our office) mailed within 14-21 Business days for the amount you paid the Rivermen for your 2020-21 Season Tickets. This refund will NOT include credits on your account from 2019-20 season, as those will stay on your account to use for the 2021-22 Season. With this REFUND option, the prices you locked into are not guaranteed to be the same for 2021-22 and could increase. The refund will be in a form of a check and will take 21-30 business days.



Each Corporate Partner and advertiser will be contacted directly to discuss the specifics of their partnership.  I know many partners have asked to just move forward their commitment to the 2021-22 Season and we GREATLY APPRECIATE that. It’s VITAL for us to continue to maintain our Corporate Partnership base and hope everyone would be able to push forward their commitment to the 2021-22 season at the minimum in their signed agreement, knowing the payments can start in 2021.   


Other Credit Requests from 2019-20:

If you have credits or have asked to donate tickets from the three games that were not played last season. Those will stay in your account as credits for the future. The Rivermen will still donate tickets when we come back in your name to specific games and will also be making many donations this fall and winter to local charities like we do each and every year making sure Rivermen Hockey stays on top of the communities minds.