Rivermen Hall of Fame

Rivermen Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Peoria Rivermen Hockey Hall of Fame!

One of the longest running hockey teams in North America, the Peoria Rivermen have been in continuous operation since the 1982-83 season, when they began play as the Peoria Prancers of the International Hockey League.  The Rivermen have played in the International Hockey Leauge (1982-96), the East Coast Hockey League (1996-2005), the American Hockey League (2005-2013) and the Southern Professional Hockey League (2013-present).


With the creation of the Rivermen Hall of Fame in 1991, it has allowed the team to recognize, honor and celebrate individuals for their outstanding achievements and contributions specifically professional hockey in Peoria.  The Rivermen Hall of Fame is divided into two wings: one for players and coaches and one for "builders"  which consists of those who have been honored for their contributions to the greater good and/or the administration of professional hockey in Central Illinois.

Each class of inductees is officially enshrined during an on-ice ceremony during a Rivermen game in the season of their induction.

The first class of inductees honored for their outstanding achievements and contributions were head coach Pat Kelly, and players Darrell May and Doug Evans, all of whom were members of the 1985 IHL Turner Cup Championship team.


Darren Maloney

(inducted 2014)

Trent Whitfield

(inducted 2013)

Dave Eminian

(inducted 2013) - BUILDER

Tyler Rennette

(inducted 2012)

Jean-Guy Trudel

(inducted 2011)

Jason Christie

(inducted 2010)

Trevor Baker

(inducted 2009)

Don Granato

(inducted 2008)

Joe Rybar

(inducted 2008)

Pat Jablonski

(inducted 2005)

Rick Pion

(inducted 2005)

Ralph Rashid

(inducted 2004) - BUILDER

Steve Tuttle

(inducted 2003)

David Bruce

(inducted 2003)

Bud Gingher

(inducted 2002) - BUILDER

Darren Veitch

(inducted 2002)

Jim Vesey

(inducted 2002)

Kelly Chase

(inducted 2001)

Michel Mongeau

(inducted 2001)

Tony Twist

(inducted 2000)

Bruce Saurs

(inducted 1999) - BUILDER

Guy Hebert

(inducted 1999)

Dominic Lavoie

(inducted 1998)

Denis Cyr

(inducted 1998)

Dave Thomlinson

(inducted 1996)

Nelson Emerson

(inducted 1996)

Wayne Thomas

(inducted 1996)

Bob Fleming

(inducted 1995)

Brad Kempthorne

(inducted 1995)

Bob Plager

(inducted 1994)

Grant Rezansoff

(inducted 1994)

Mark Olson

(inducted 1993) - BUILDER

Lee Norwood

(inducted 1993)

Paul Fenton

(inducted 1992)

Pete BardezBanian

(inducted 1992) - BUILDER

Pat Kelly

(inducted 1991)

Darrell May

(inducted 1991)

Doug Evans

(inducted 1991)