Sponsorship Opportunities

Intermission Promotions
Add to the excitement of the game by showcasing your products and services in a way that ties into your overall marketing message. Interact with the fans and have them leaving the arena with your brand top of mind from a unique promotion.
Video Scoreboard
The all new 14' x 8' video scoreboard offers you a creative and unique way to deliver your message to Rivermen fans. Recurring and individual promotions will allow you to capture the fans attention both in the arena and on monitors located throughout the concourse.
Entrance/Exit Giveaways
Directly hand a specialized giveaway item to fans as they enter or exit Carver Arena. Items can include Bobbleheads, Hats, T-shirts, Posters, etc...Include your company name and logo on each item to stay top of mind to Rivermen fans away from Carver Arena. Included may be any media tie-ins promoting your giveaway.
Concourse Tabling
Interact directly with Rivermen fans by displaying your products and services at individual games in the Carver Arena Concourse. Hand out literature and samples as well as give out promotional items branded with your name and logo (product limitiations are in place).  
Celebrity Appearances and Post-Game Concerts
Partner with the Rivermen on presenting an appearance by a celebrity or a post-game concert. Work closely with the Rivermen staff to secure the appearance and receive VIP tickets for your staff and clients. Your business will be tagged in any media advertising leading up to the scheduled appearance.
Entertain your clients and employees with several different ticket packages. From full and partial season tickets to group outings and Party Box rentals, experience all the fast paced action and take advantage of all the benefits offered of Rivermen Hockey.
In-Ice Logos
In-Ice Logos are located right on the playing surface and visible to all fans in attendance as well as potential exposure through website and newspaper photos, TV highlights, etc...Locations are available surrounding the Rivermen logo at center-ice and behind the goals in each endzone.
Bench/Penalty Box Signage
Place your brand amongst the players and coaching staff with Player/Penalty Box Signage. This highly visible piece will feature signs of 12' to 27' in length and will be the backdrop for the Rivermen coaching decisions.
Customize your message to fit the most popular piece of equipment in hockey, the Zamboni. Each night, the Zamboni will be on the ice a minimum of three seperate times, pre-game and two intermissions.  
Player Jersey and Helmets
Place your brand directly on the players with jersey and helmet logos. Your company name will be visible on the players in Peoria and every arena the Rivermen visit for a total of 80 games.
Rivermen Radio Network
Be a part of all 80 Rivermen games throughout the regular season and any playoff games with advertising on the Rivermen Radio Network and 96.5 ESPN Radio. Catch fans as they are listening to the game in their car or from the comforts of their home through streaming audio over the internet.
Web Site
The Peoria Rivermen website is the #1 place to find out all there is to know about the Rivermen. Over 40,000 visits are made to www.rivermen.net each month. Place your advertisement among the game updates, player stories, community programs and radio broadcasts, then link your ad back to your own website.
Puck Press
The Rivermen Puck Press is the game day stat sheet that is printed for each game to update fans on team rosters and statistics. Include your company's message through coupons or special offers in a variety of sizes and locations.
Pocket Schedule
The Pocket Schedule is the most visible Rivermen publication in the community. Be a part of 200,000 pieces that are printed and distributed to Peoria Metro convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores, etc...
Rivermen Team Calendar
 The first 5,000 fans in attendance at an early season game will receive a free Rivermen Team Calendar. Your Company can be part of the action with a monthly advertisement that is incorporated with an action shot of a Rivermen player.