Corporate Events In Peoria IL

Corporate Events in Peoria IL

Most corporate event fall under one of the following categories: seminars, conferences, trade shows, retreats, and golf outings. Those types of events have a proven history of success, but there's something special about attending a Peoria Rivermen game that can't be matched by a typical corporate event in Peoria IL
Whether you're looking to improve team chemistry, develop deeper relationships, or move your team in a new direction, we hope that our team can be an integral part of that development. Take a look at our schedule and consult with one of our representatives to put together a corporate event that your team will never forget!

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Unforgettable Corporate Events in Peoria IL


The purpose of corporate events (which often include team building exercises) is usually to build upon the company's strengths while building employee confidence, goodwill, and morale. Corporate events allow employees to spend time together in a non-work environment, which is awesome for several reasons, the biggest being that it's far too easy nowadays to work alongside someone for 10 years and not know a thing about their life outside of the office.


So, take the opportunity to strengthen your team as you cheer ours on. Put together a corporate event in Peoria IL that your team won't forget. Attending a Rivermen game is an experience like no other, and it can't be matched by your typical retreat or activity. Corporate team building events have been epitomized by outdoor and physical group activities like a ropes course.

Those events have their place, as well as a proven track record of success, but we encourage you to try something different. Step outside the box a little bit and treat your employees to some good, old-fashioned hockey in Peoria IL. 

Not hockey's #1 fan? That's okay, we've put together a comprehensive guide for all things hockey!


A corporate event can be defined as a gathering that is sponsored by a business for its employees, business partners, clients and/or prospective clients. These events can be for larger audiences such as conventions or smaller events like conferences, meetings or holiday parties.


Traditional Reasons To Hold a Corporate Event In Peoria IL:

  • Marketing to create new lead generation avenues.

  • Reward employees and business partners for their hard work.

  • Help productivity through team building exercises promoting togetherness and teamwork in the office.

  • Introduce new and or reinforce existing key strategies.

  • Address the affect of competition taking place on a company’s bottom line.

  • Launch a new product

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Benefits of Corporate Events in Peoria IL

Venture beyond the ordinary this fall for your next corporate team building event. Invite your employees to experience a unique country adventure including endless activities they can enjoy at their own pace. The edge-of-your-seat entertainment aside, you'll also experience the following benefits by scheduling a corporate event:


Promote your business. Even in today's age, word of mouth is still the top method for advertising.  A great ancillary benefit of attending a Rivermen game is the opportunity to spread the word about what your company does.


Reduce stress level in the workplace environment. The happier your staff is, the more effective they work together professionally.


Boost employee morale. Are you looking for a cost-effective and innovative way to boost morale and, consequently, increase team productivity in the office? We don't charge an arm and a leg for tickets, and so you'll find our games an affordable opportunity to get away for a night.


Reinforce messages and core values of the company. Corporate entertainment is an excellent way to show your company ethics and core values. Strengthen your team's relationships by uniting them for a common purpose (cheering on Peoria's favorite hockey team).


You’ll also find that people who typically wouldn’t interact in the office are paired up when team building. While you may not see this as a work benefit, increased integration can help lead to innovative thinking and problem solving in ways that previously wouldn’t have happened.


Sustained productivity. you’ll see a surge in productivity, however this isn’t just a short term benefit. The team building itself will help your employees work better together, which as a result should enable greater productivity from every team


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