If you're looking for a fun and profitable way to raise anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, contact the Rivermen today!




Looking for a much more fun option to the traditional fundraising methods like selling pizza kits, candy bars and magazine subscriptions? Contact us about the opportunity to sell the ever-popular chuck-a-pucks during a game and receive a portion of the proceeds for your not-for-profit, youth group or college group!



Save the Change


The Rivermen ticket sales program is an easy way for groups, teams, organizations, churches and other non-profits to utilize the Rivermen for their fundraising needs. Simply contact the Rivermen front office to select a game date that works best for you and your group. You'll then receive a DISCOUNTED rate for your tickets, which your group will re-sell for up to face value, allowing you to keep the difference and have all of the proceeds go directly to your organization. The more tickets you sell, the more fundraising dollars you'll earn!


For more information on fundraising with the Rivermen, please call 309.676.1040