Adult & Youth Hockey

Afternoon Hockey at Carver Arena

Play an entire game on the same ice as the Rivermen! Create memories that will last a lifetime by playing an afternoon hockey game at Carver Arena. Your game will feature all the bells and whistles of an actual Rivermen game; complete with a national anthem, player introductions, goal horn, music between stoppages and a whole lot more! Go ahead, challenge a rival team in your youth hockey league or host your Rec-League Championship at Carver Arena. Whatever the game is, the Rivermen will make it a memorable experience for everyone!


Intermission Skates

Imagine having your team take the ice in front of thousands of Rivermen fans cheering them on! It's all possible with an intermission skate! This special opportunity is available to all ages, but spaces are limited.

For more on Rivermen adult and youth hockey experiences, call Andrew Cohen at 309.680.3563 or email [email protected]