'Iconic' Captain Logo Returns for 2021-22 Season

June 1, 2021 - 02:45 pm

‘Iconic’ Captain Logo Returns for 2021-22 Season

New take on Peoria’s primary ECHL/AHL logo unveiled


Peoria, IL – The Peoria Rivermen continued ushering in a new wave of Rivermen hockey by unveiling the return of the captain logo to accompany the signature paddlewheel as Peoria’s primary logos for the upcoming SPHL season.


“Entering our upcoming 40th Anniversary season, we felt the need to really retool our logo and brand, encompassing upgrades and bringing elements back from the past,” said Rivermen COO Bart Rogers. “The Captain was a popular character and logo from the past and we should always have a great captain steering us through to the other side out of this difficult pandemic.”


In addition to this news, The Captain mascot will also be returning to Carver Arena for the upcoming season. The Captain, along with Rocky, will continue to engage fans and bring entertainment to every home game throughout the stands and concourse! 


The newest logo revives the use of the captain logo first introduced to Peoria during its ECHL voyage throughout the 90’s and into the early 2000’s. The captain was modified to then fit the color scheme and look for the AHL-Rivermen, who used the logo throughout the team’s affiliation with the St. Louis Blues, which ended in 2013.


This second modification to the logo’s history features a white coat; the first time the captain has ever sported a primary color other than blue. Beneath the coat is a rich red color added to the body to match the paddlewheel the character is inserted in front of. A hockey stick has been added to the design as a call-back to the ECHL version of the logo.


Additional information regarding the 2021-22 Peoria Rivermen season is expected later this spring. Be sure to follow the Rivermen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest news and updates.