Rivermen Rebrand Night Revealed: Peoria Penicillin

January 30, 2024 - 09:45 am

The Peoria Rivermen announced on Tuesday that their annual rebrand night will take place on Saturday, March 9, and will see the Rivermen re-band as the Peoria Penicillin.


Though Penicillin was discovered in the United Kingdom, it was mass-produced thanks to scientists in Peoria. Peoria, in 1941, was home to the United States Department of Agriculture’s  Northern Laboratory, now a component of today's Agricultural Research Service. It was hoped that Peoria’s know-how could increase the yield of Penicillium (the fungus that was discovered in the UK in 1928) so that penicillin could be manufactured at an industrial scale for mass consumption. The breakthrough came when local scientists discovered a superior strain of Penicillium fungi on a discarded moldy cantaloupe in Peoria. This new strain proved to be a boon to scientists and manufacturers as it had a stronger yield and could be rapidly cultured, enabling the mass production of Penicillin.


Peoria’s re-brand uniform, presented by Preckshot Compounding Pharmacy, pays tribute to Peoria’s proud history of producing Penicillin. The main logo on the front is a penicillin bottle holding a hockey stick about to shoot a “puck” that looks like a mold spore, in homage to Penicillin’s crucial role in fighting bacterial infections worldwide. The outline of the state of Illinois is proudly displayed behind the penicillin bottle.


The shoulder logos also highlight both Peoria’s history with Penicillin and the history of the Rivermen here in Peoria. The right shoulder patch features the “moldy cantaloupe” floating on the Illinois River with the Peoria skyline in the background. The words “Peoria, Illinois 1st to mass produce Penicillin” is inscribed around the logo.


The left shoulder logo features a mortar and pestle, commonly used in pharmaceutical compounding, in the shape of the President’s Cup in homage to the Rivermen’s recent President’s Cup championship in 2022. The logo also pays homage to the sponsor of the Rivermen rebrand night, Preckshot Compounding Pharmacy.


The Penicillin jerseys will be worn for one night only on March 9 at Carver Arena. They will then be auctioned off to the public at the conclusion of the game. Peoria Penicillin branded merchandise will also be available for purchase before, during, and after the game. Peoria will be hosting the Pensacola Ice Flyers for the second of a two-game series.




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The Peoria Rivermen are participating in their 42nd season of hockey in the River City and 11th as a member of the SPHL. The Rivermen are five-time regular season champions as well as President’s Cup champions in 2022.